#LunchBoxNotes #30DayChallenge Day 22/30

Lovely day with the Things today. They actually came in a run with me and the dog this morning. Think they enjoyed it. I know I did. Nice to have a bit of company.

So today’s working note is me trying to work through “One ZEntangle a day.” again.

Yet another Einstein quote 

Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will get you anywhere.


#LunchBoxNotes #30DayChallenge Day 21/30

So I’m here in Chuck E Cheeses with the Things reading about OKRs and I spent a bit of time putting this one together.

Quote today is from Jeff Bezos 

Everything you are comes from your choices

#LunchBoxNotes #30DayChallenge Day 20/30

two thirds of the way through. Tonight I fancied doing a garden, so a garden it is.

Can’t believe I haven’t used this quote from Gandhi yet.

Be the change you want to see in the world



#LunchBoxNotes #30DayChallenge Day 19/30

So this is just a collection of shapes I saw around the kitchen.

Quote on the back is 

Have the wisdom to know what must be done and the courage to do it

Which I hope the things will appreciate.


#LunchBoxNotes #30DayChallenge Day 18/30

So this one is based on some designs I’ve seen in carpets over the last few days. The things have both had really good reports from school praising them for their effort so on this one I’m just telling them how proud I am of them.



#LunchBoxNotes #30DayChallenge Day 17/30

Just a simple “I love you” on the back of this one.



#LunchBoxNotes #30DayChallenge Day 16/30

Quote today from Steve jobs

Creativity is just connecting things