Today’s #BrilliantThing Day 3 of 21

A warm shower in the morning

The feeling of a cold shirt on your back

Managed to see all my family before I went to work

Bus on time

Nice genuine hello and good to see you from someone on the bus

Managed to listen to Word of Mouth with Michael Rosen – this episode was about taking turns in speech (more interesting than I made it sound)

Saw the sun rising over the trees on my journey to work (Reminds me of the song by the Beloved)

Found my book on Scrum on the first box I went looking in

Aurora Borealis for my Bing picture on my laptop this morning (One day I’ll see it in real life)

Nice healthy salad for lunch

Got to hear Brian Solis talk about his new book X (and he signed it for me)

Not too much rain on the way back to my office

Saw some plastic Flamingos on one of the buildings lawns which made me smile

Caught the scent of some flowers blooming on a bush

Caught the smell of cigarettes off a passer by – made me grateful I’d stopped smoking

Typed up my book notes from the weekend

Got my Band booked in for repair tomorrow

Bus home on time

Evening bird song 

Watching the drawings flood 


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