Today’s #BrilliantThing Day 7 of 21

Early morning walk with the dawg

Saw a little bunny rabbit that the cat hadn’t managed to catch. Yet.

Missed my bus. Meant I had time at home to have breakfast, empty the bin and do the washing up.

One of my colleagues responded to an email in a way that was way more diplomatic and tactful than I could have managed.

Nice call with one of my colleagues about Instructional Design. Lucky to work with so many smart people.

Starting to get some clarity on what I need to be doing at work – the fog is clearing.

Nice healthy lunch of vegetables and not so healthy Chicken Tikka.

Paid off the guy who does my tax return, and managed to hit my 10,000 steps in the process.

Not sure if this is confirmation bias but saw lots of evidence that short iterations working with your customer is way better than an experts going off and designing what they think is right and then coming back weeks later with what is usually a flawed design.

#InboxZero for the weekend

Beautiful blue sky in the way to the bus stop

Made it to the bus stop just as the bus turned up

No TV Day 

Played ball with the Things 

Voice held out so I got to read them a bed time story.

Lovely chicken dinner

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