Today’s #BrilliantThing Day 9 of 21

Slept in. Again.

Starbucks breakfast.

Fun Easter egg hunt with the Things

Avoided and resisted McDonald’s for lunch

Nice walk with the dawg in the rain

Started reading Sprint

Roast chicken for tea with stuffing.

Watched Ghostbusters with the things. I don’t think it’s aged well.

Emergency Heinz treacle sponge pudding.

The walking dead.

Today’s #BrilliantThing Day 8 of 21

Slept really well

Scrambled eggs on toast with HP Brown sauce for breakfast

Thing 1 practicing her recorder. I think she’s finally getting that practice makes you better.

Stored kids off at Pony camp. Turfed Rufus had a good play with the other dogs.

Beautiful walk up Told Mcdonald Park. Incredible sights and beautiful aromas this time of year.

Been looking forward to a BBQ CHICKEN Grindey at Blakes but it had a sign saying it was closed for Easter. Turns out it means tomorrow. ☺

Get into Blakes and it’s playing Steal my sunshine by Len on the radio 

Enjoyed watching the kids enjoying a vanilla ice cream milk shake

Cooked a curry with swag aloo for tea

Watched mocking Jay part 2 


Today’s #BrilliantThing Day 7 of 21

Early morning walk with the dawg

Saw a little bunny rabbit that the cat hadn’t managed to catch. Yet.

Missed my bus. Meant I had time at home to have breakfast, empty the bin and do the washing up.

One of my colleagues responded to an email in a way that was way more diplomatic and tactful than I could have managed.

Nice call with one of my colleagues about Instructional Design. Lucky to work with so many smart people.

Starting to get some clarity on what I need to be doing at work – the fog is clearing.

Nice healthy lunch of vegetables and not so healthy Chicken Tikka.

Paid off the guy who does my tax return, and managed to hit my 10,000 steps in the process.

Not sure if this is confirmation bias but saw lots of evidence that short iterations working with your customer is way better than an experts going off and designing what they think is right and then coming back weeks later with what is usually a flawed design.

#InboxZero for the weekend

Beautiful blue sky in the way to the bus stop

Made it to the bus stop just as the bus turned up

No TV Day 

Played ball with the Things 

Voice held out so I got to read them a bed time story.

Lovely chicken dinner

Today’s #BrilliantThing Day 6 of 21

Woke up feeling a bit better

Managed to catch the early bus 

Call didn’t go as well as I’d like, but I learnt a lot.

Finally got some targets sorted thanks to one of my brilliant colleagues

Tried an experiment around training. Be interesting to see if it works out or not.

Salad and meatballs for lunch.

Afternoon walk and the rain held off 

Curry for tea

Someone created an app that creates parody posters that made me roar.

Stewart Lee on the tv

Today’s #BrilliantThing Day 5 of 21

Tracey Emin trying a rock. Not THE Rock. A rock.

Woke up feeling a bit better after coughing most of the night.

2 early morning calls that seemed to go well.

Managed to get out the house in time to catch the 848 rather than the 915 bus.

Practiced throwing and catching with the Things ready for them playing flag football in a week or two

Found this poster in B35. I love words and etymology.  


A Thai Red Hot Chile for lunch that was actually hot

Made it out of work on time

New book arrived

Today’s #BrilliantThing Day 4 of 21

Woke up feeling better than I did yesterday

Nice breakfast with a brilliant view over to Seattle  

Someone posted this which made me laugh

Caught up with some of friends in WhatsApp

Planned to do something different tomorrow. A little scrum experiment.

Jamaican day in the Cage at work. 

Got my Band replaced

Blue sky appeared. If only for a little while.  

A beautiful full moon

Today’s #BrilliantThing Day 3 of 21

A warm shower in the morning

The feeling of a cold shirt on your back

Managed to see all my family before I went to work

Bus on time

Nice genuine hello and good to see you from someone on the bus

Managed to listen to Word of Mouth with Michael Rosen – this episode was about taking turns in speech (more interesting than I made it sound)

Saw the sun rising over the trees on my journey to work (Reminds me of the song by the Beloved)

Found my book on Scrum on the first box I went looking in

Aurora Borealis for my Bing picture on my laptop this morning (One day I’ll see it in real life)

Nice healthy salad for lunch

Got to hear Brian Solis talk about his new book X (and he signed it for me)

Not too much rain on the way back to my office

Saw some plastic Flamingos on one of the buildings lawns which made me smile

Caught the scent of some flowers blooming on a bush

Caught the smell of cigarettes off a passer by – made me grateful I’d stopped smoking

Typed up my book notes from the weekend

Got my Band booked in for repair tomorrow

Bus home on time

Evening bird song 

Watching the drawings flood 


The Go-Giver

So this weekend the Thing’s School had a second hand book sale. It was aimed mainly at the kids, but there was a few adult books there – amongst which was The Go-Giver, a bargain at 50 cents – especially as it was in pristine condition.


If there’s one thing (and there’s lots) that I got out of reading it, is that it’s ok to receive. I’ve struggled with this. But as the book points out, without receiving there is no giving. So maybe it’s about time I started being more receptive?

Today’s #BrilliantThing Day 2 of 21

Today I realised I need to carry around a small notebook to capture everything. Anyway, here’s a brief synopsis

2nd day of my five minute journal – so far so good.

Meditated – twice

Hit my 10,000 steps

Walked the dog twice

2nd Easter Egg Hunt of the weekend

Managed to eat together with the Things at tea time

Thing 1 made her own Macaroni Cheese.

The Walking Dead will be on later

Wrote up my notes on the book I read this weekend

Cat didn’t get eaten by the Coyote in the Neighbourhood

Between the showers were some beautiful blue skies

Pesto, Mozarella and tomatoe on Ciabatte for lunch

Breakfast of eggs, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes


Today’s #BrilliantThing Day 1 of 21

So here’s my next challenge- make a note of all the brilliant things that happen to me in a day. Why? So I can be grateful even for the little things that I take for granted.

Thanks to Vanessa Shaw and Neil Pasricha for the inspiration.

So here’s my list in a kind of chronological order.

Didn’t wake up till 8am

First dat in my 5 minute journal

Pancakes with the Things at school 

Bought a load of cheap books for me and the things for $10 at the school second hand book sale.

Got 2 pairs of boots for Thing 1 for $30 for Thing 1

Healthy salad at Panera

Meditated. Twice.

Hit my 10,000 steps.

Read a book